• Our shift timings are form 07.00AM - 07.00PM Day shift 07.00PM - 07.00AM Night shift change will take place on every Saturday / Sunday.

  • As Per tenure of duty of an individual will be 12 hours of duration. In case of sickness or due to any unavoidable circumstances the duties will be carried out the man power under the supervision of security in charge of Field-Officer.

  • We shall be billing you on the 30th or 31th of every English Calender month. The payment should be released by the first week of every month by a cheque / DD in favour of Anuprasad Security & Allied services.

  • Apart from the Rates & Charges service Tax will be charged extra as per Govt. laws. At present service tax will be charged @ 10.3% from total billing

  • As per the Govt. act we have to provide one weekly off per week per individual hence we will be charging you 1/6 of the amount as relieving charges.

  • The Security Officers and unit in charges who work in the General shift are normally given weekly off on Sundays, if they work an those days it will be billed extra. It is applicable to the lady security guard also.

  • Uniform cap/shoe/badge/whistle/lathi will be supplied by us Rain coat cum boots, Torch light & battery, stationery Registers for official purpose are to be provided by you.

  • Our security guard will have minimum of 8th to 10th Std. Educational Qualification well disciplinary, uniformly term challenging capacities, attractive personality and below the age of 25 years to 45 years and 50 years Security Guard will not maintain any registers he will be watch & ward and Door Keeper. Only our Asst. Security Officer(ASO) will maintain related records in all respects.

  • Our Minimum Compliment is one Asst. Security Officer in the Day Shift and one Asst. Security Officer in the Night Shift, if the Security Gate Registers such as Men & Materials, Inwards, Out ward, General Instruction Report, returnable gate pass / other passes and daily occurance report etc., are to be Maintained in the security office by our Asst. Security Officer.

  • We insist for two security guards to as certain the full security on a special case if 3 guards alone are posted the one single guard in the shift could look after locked permises and under any circumstances the key should not be handed over to the lonely guard.

  • Our Security should not be employed by you in your pay rolls for one year from the date of his resignation from our concern. If so employed you may have to bear out bill towards the training and experience imparted to the security staff by us, depending upon the rank and service held in our concern

  • The security under any circumstances should not be used for any other duties other than the security functions. It allowed this, may lead to their indiscipline attitude.

  • The Management staff are advised strictly not to have any money transaction with the security inside the premises not out side of the premises. The Management staff arerequested to make a call to our Head office

  • After receiving your conformation letter we need 10 days time for the deployment of security personnel.

  • We will revert, back to you for a review of security arrangements after one weeks from the date of deployment.

  • Accomodation, canteen, Medical, Transport facilities if any may be provided to our security and to our contract labours personal or subsidized rate as applicable.

  • Our Security Guard and contract labours are covered under insurance. We suggest you for a comprehensive insurance of all properties against loss, fire, damages and theft as an additional precaution. This agency will assist enquiry filing of police complaint and follow up in case of theft.

  • Normally APSAS would like to undertake long period of contract. No contract will be taken for period less than one year. Either of the party could terminate the contract independently by mutual consent. In such case one month prior notice or notice pay will have to be provided

  • The above terms and conditions may be amended to suit the individual client requirement. The other terms and conditions warranted due to the special circumstances pertained to your organization will be intimated after discussion with you.

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